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Online Resources to Support Evidence-Based Practice on Population Health

There are five sections in this course:

  1. Population Health and Healthy People 2020
  2. Medline Plus: Supporting the Public With Easy-to-Read Consumer Health Information
  3. An Introduction to PubMed: Finding Peer-Reviewed and Evidence-Based Public Health Articles Surveillance
  4. Previewing Ongoing Research With HSRProj
  5. Scenario Practices

There are review questions and “Try it Yourself” scenario integrated in the module to provide you with an...

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Serving Diverse Communities: Accessing Reliable Health Information in Multiple Languages

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This course is designed for participants to access reliable health information resources in multiple languages.

Intended Audience

Public health professionals interested in advancing their ability to locate reliable health information. This may include public health nurses, community health workers, academic researchers, policy makers, and epidemiologists.


The length of time for participants to take this course is estimated to be one hour.


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Serving Diverse Communities: Finding Data on Health Disparities

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This course will cover resources that provide information on finding data on health disparities.

  1. History, definition of health disparities and how health disparities intertwined with the social determinants of health. 
  2. Online resources for accessing data on health disparities
  3. Scenario Practices

You will have the opportunity to watch the simulation and then practice it where you have the chance to apply the knowledge....

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Serving Diverse Communities: Building Cultural Competence and Humility into the Workplace

The content of this course includes:

  1. Introductions to culture, cultural competence, cultural humility.
  2. Resource demonstrations that you can use to help build a more culturally competent and humble workplace.

You will have the opportunity to watch the demo of accessing these resources.


One hour

Intended Audience

Public health professionals and healthcare providers interested working with non-...

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