Domain 12: Governance

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Learning Objectives for Domain 12: Governance

Objective 1
Discuss how health department’s mandated operations, programs and services  work to protect and preserve the health of the population. 

Objective 2
Describe how the health department communicates with the governing entity  about the official responsibilities of the health department and of the governing entity.

Objective 3
Explain how the health department encourages the governing entity’s engagement in the department’s overall obligations and responsibilities.


Core Competencies
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills 
2B7, 2C7, 2A8, 2B9, 2C9, 2C10

Communication Skills 
3A8, 3B8, 3C8

Community Dimensions of Practice Skills 
5A1, 5B1, 5C1

Financial Planning and Management Skills
7A2, AB2, 7C2, 7A3, 7B3, 7C3



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