Domain 5: Policies & Plans

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Learning Objectives for Domain 5: Policies and Plans

Objective 1
Discuss how public health science, evidence-based interventions, and promising practices are utilized to set policies and practices.

Objective 2
Discuss how to develop, implement, and monitor progress for a community health improvement plan.

Objective 3
Explain how to develop, implement, and monitor progress for a health department organizational strategic plan.

Objective 4
Describe how to develop, implement and monitor progress for an all hazards emergency operations plan. 


Core Competencies
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills:

2A1, 2B1, 2C1, 2A2, 2B2, 2C2, 2A3, 2B3, 2C3, 2A4, 2B4, 2C4, 2A5, 2B5, 2C5, 2A6, 2B6, 2C6, 2A7, 2B7, 2C7, 2B8, 2C8, 2A8, 2B9, 2C9, 2C10, 2A9, 2B10, 2C11, 2A10, 2B11, 2C12, 2A11, 2B12, 2C13, 2A12, 2B13, 2C14



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