A Shelter Story: Integrating Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) Into Emergency Shelter Plans

Performance Goal

The learner's goal in this course is to master the knowledge and skills needed to collaborate with community stakeholders on integrating Functional Needs Support Services (FNSS) into local emergency shelter plans.

Intended Audience

Emergency managers, shelter planners, and other mid-level public health professionals responsible for community preparedness are the intended audience for this course.

Estimated Course Length

This one-hour video-based course consists of five sections with estimated viewing times as follows:

  1. Getting Started (5 minutes)
  2. The Hot-Wash Sessions (20 minutes)
  3. The Demographics of Disaster (15 minutes)
  4. An Open Conversation (10 minutes)
  5. Invitation to Planning (5 minutes)

Allow an additional five minutes to complete the Post-Test.

Course Navigation

This course tells the story of one community’s efforts to collaborate on improvements to its emergency shelter plans. You are invited to participate in these efforts, working with the county's Emergency Manager and other stakeholders to update plans last revised five years ago. As the story unfolds, you encounter questions asking you to identify relevant facts or to select the best course of action for making improvements to the planning process and its outcomes. Need help answering a question? Click on Help to see excerpts from publications included in the FNSS Resource Toolkit that comes with this training.


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