Conflict Management - Lessons From the Field

Contact: Brandi Bordelon
Phone: (504) 988-1342

Conflict is a normal part of our everyday life both at home and in the workplace.  Mismanaged conflict has both direct and indirect costs as it decreases productivity, increases problems with morale and increases liability.  Conflict management is a constructive way of approaching this natural phenomenon so that the result is a positive outcome.   


  • Define conflict and conflict management.
  • Describe how to structure a conflict management process.
  • Understand the importance of successful conflict management in the workforce environment. 
  • Feel more confident about approaching conflicts.

Delivery Modality:
Online broadcast.

Intended Audience/Level of Training:


Course Length:
2 hours. You have 7 weeks from the day you enroll to finish this course. This course is self-paced.


Continuing Education Units (CEU):

Conflict Management 2.2 and 2.3.  Demonstrate confidence in a conflict situation by focusing on the issues, not the conflict.  Effectively resolve internal employee and/or organizational conflicts through use of conflict management techniques.


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