Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training - 2015

Goal/ Intended Audience

The course is designed for professionals who work with children. The goal is to provide them with the required training for mandatory child abuse reporting.

The intended audience for this course are child care providers, nurses, social workers, teachers and their school personnel, physicians and other healthcare workers, mental health professionals, medical examiners or coroners, and law enforcement officers.

The length of time for participants to take this course is estimated to be 2 hours.

Course Content

There are four sections in this course:

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Abuse and Neglect
Section 3: Reporters and Reporting
Section 4: Department of Human Services (DHS) Assessment Procedures

After completing these sections, you will be presented with a case study and "How to Save a Child" activities.

There are review questions at the end of each section. These review questions will provide you with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills presented in these sections. There is a post-test at the end of resources page.

Acknowledgment: This training course was developed in partnerships between Iowa Department of Public Health, Healthy Child Care Iowa and The Institute for Public Health Practice.

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