Foundational Public Health Nursing Training Program


About This Program:

The "Foundational Public Health Nursing Training Program" was designed to address key knowledge, skills, and abilities public health nursing coordinators/supervisors must apply to demonstrate the core public health nursing competencies and to deliver the essential public health services at a local level. This program meets the educational requirements stated in the definition of a "Public Health Coordinator/Supervisor," in the Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 80 on Local Public Health Services.

Program Content:

There are five courses in this program:




Course 1: Knowledge of Public Health

Christopher Atchison

1 hour

Course 2: Strategic Planning

Janan Wunsch-Smith

1 hour

Course 3: Basic Epidemiology


2 hours

Course 4: Public Health Law

Denise Hill

1 hour

Course 5: Program Evaluation

Kellee Thorburn McCrory

1 hour

In each course participants will: (a) review the content provided; and (b) complete and submit the Post-test. Participants will also complete the practice activities/exercises provided in each course. These practice exercises provide an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills presented in these modules and to better understand the material.

Program Certificate

A program certificate of completion is awarded on successful completion of the above five courses. 

Open Learning

Our Full, Open Training Catalog is available to anyone in our Open Learning Management System Portal