New Public Health Administrators Orientation Toolkit

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Orientation Materials

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Power Point Presentations

Compendium for local public health best practices\ordinances\guidelines

Education and Training Programs

Listing of resources

  1. Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)
    1. PH Director’s Orientation Guide (doc)
    2. Local Board of Health Guidebook (pdf)
    3. IDPH Mission and Organization
  2. Code of Iowa
    1. Chapter 21: Open Meetings Law (pdf)
    2. Chapter 22: Open Records (pdf)
    3. Chapter 137: Local Boards of Health (pdf)
    4. Chapter 139A: Communicable and Reportable Diseases and Poisonings (pdf)
    5. Chapter 351: Dogs and Other Animals (pdf)
    6. Chapter 455B.172: Jurisdiction of Department and Local Boards (pdf)
    7. Chapter 331: County Home Rule Implementation (pdf)
  3. Iowa Administrative Code
    1. Section 567 – Environmental Protection Commission
    2. Section 641- Public Health Department
  4. Public Health Websites
    1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    2. Healthy Iowan’s website
    3. Iowa Environmental Health Association
    4. Iowa Public Health Association
    5. Iowa State Association of Counties
    6. National Association of County and City Health Officials
    7. National Association of Local Boards Of Health (NALBOH)
  5. Jail Visits
    1. Information Received on Public Health Staff Making Jail Visits (doc)
    2. Greene County Public Health & Sheriff's Office Agreement (doc)
  6. On-Call Pay Rates by County Agency (xls)
  7. Onsite Wastewater Systems - Time of Transfer
    1. Tama County - Rules & Regulations - Time-of-Transfer Ordinance (doc)
    2. Mills County - Time-of-Transfer Ordinance (doc)
    3. Henry County - Time-of-Transfer Ordinance (doc)
    4. Senate File 261 (doc)
  8. Wage Studies
    1. 2009 Wage Study - Southeast Iowa LPHAs (xls)
    2. Henry County Wages (doc)
    3. Iowa State Association of Counties - Salary Survey
    4. Wage Survey Study - Complete Summary (xls)

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