LBOH Toolkit - Roles and Responsibilities: General Introduction

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Local Board of Health Member -
General Introduction


As a member of the Local Board of Health, this section of your orientation will acquaint you with your role, responsibilities, and authority. You are now a member of the governing board in your county or district which has been given the "jurisdiction over public health matters".

First, you will become acquainted with your role in complying with your legal responsibilities. This section will introduce you to the Iowa Codes and the Iowa Administrative Codes (IAC) that are specific to the local boards of health. This will include learning about the proper conduct of open meetings, the legal issues of providing public health services, and the powers of the board of health.

You will study how the local board of health has an active role in determining what the public health needs are in your community, and evaluating whether current services meet these needs.

You will also learn about your role regarding fiscal oversight for public health in your county or district. This includes setting goals and priorities, determining how public health will be provided in your community, and ensuring that the services that are provided are effectively and efficiently using resources.



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