Section IV: Other Public Health Law

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Other Public Health Law


The Code of Iowa is the law of the State of Iowa. The Code of Iowa is created and adopted through legislative process. Once a bill is introduced, it must go through a series of events before becoming law.

The Iowa Administrative Code is a set of rules for each of the agencies within state government. In order for an agency to adopt a rule, authority must be given to the agency through an act or law of the legislative body. This section contains a flow sheet that describes this process.

A. How Iowa Rules and Law Are Made

This document explains the process in which laws are created and published in the state of Iowa.

B. Appointment and Removal of Board of Health Members: Iowa Code Section 331.321

1. The Iowa Legislature General Assembly website.

2. State Board of Health: IAC [641], 170

This document contains Iowa Administrative Code that pertains to the Iowa Department of Public Health and the state-level Board of Health. Iowa Administrative Code adds clarity and specificity to statutes listed in Iowa Cide. These statutes form the basis for day-to-day operations for the Iowa Department of Public Health, and offer rules and regulations governing the state Board of Health, which oversees the Iowa Department of Public Health.

3. Code of Iowa, Chapter 135

This document highlights Chapter 135 of Iowa Code, which pertains to public health at the state level. Sections of interest include general provisions governing the Iowa Department of Public Health; statutes on the release of data, licensing of health care agencies and institutions, health improvement programs, disaster preparedness, and gambling treatment programs; as well as responsibilities of public health in the care of those who cannot pay for treatment.



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