Section I: What is Public Health?

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What is Public Health? (General Introduction)


Many of the major improvements in the health of American people have been accomplished through public health measures. Control of epidemics, safe food, water, maternal, and child health services are only a few of the public health achievements that have prevented countless deaths and improved the quality of American life.

A. Core Public Health Functions and Essential Public Health Services

The Operational Definition of a Functional Local Health Department (Brochure) was developed by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) in 2005 to describe and promote the emerging trend of standards based public health.

B. Public Health and Common Acronyms

This document lists the most common acronyms and abbreviation used in public health settings in Iowa.

C. Reference Book

This book highlights the need for effective public health services due to ever increasing threats to the public's health in the 21st century.



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