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Conflict Management: Lessons from the Field

Course Summary

The purpose of this course is to provide practical, hands on, experience in conflict management. The course will focus on how conflict management can be used in a variety of work settings.

Intended Audience


Learning Objectives:

  • Define conflict and resolution
  • Know how to structure management process
  • Be able to feel more confident about approaching conflicts


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Systems Thinking: Through A Public Health Lens

Stylized view of people at a conference hall, seen through the lens of a camera

Course Goal

This course is designed to introduce participants to the idea of systems thinking.

Intended Audience

Public health practice professionals


The length of time for participants to take this course is estimated to be one hour.

Course Content

This course will cover:

  • Systems thinking and leadership
  • Accreditation and systems thinking
  • A call to action
  • ...
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