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Managing Diversity Begins With You

The purpose of this intermediate course is to acquire a conceptual framework with tools to manage diversity in the workplace as a way of improving service delivery, quality, and accessibility. It is expected that each participant will be able to identify their role in their own organization with respect to diversity and cultural competency and to position their organization as a leading organization in the delivery of culturally competent services.

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Improving Interpersonal Communication and Relationships

The purpose of this course is to focus on the communication skills you will need as a leader in a public health department. It is well known that having effective communication skills is crucial to managing staff and clients in a cooperative and functional manner, and that being able to clearly present ideas enhances career mobility. The communication elements discussed in this course are designed to provide insight into your professional and personal communication.


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The Messenger Chronicles: Managing Stress and Time

Title  - The Messenger Chronicles! Effective Communication Strategies for Difficult Conversations

The "Messenger Chronicles" online training series presents ideas for communication in difficult situations.  The "Managing Stress and Time" module, helps learners to recognize the symptoms of stress and the factors that may increase their susceptibility to stress.  Strategies to manage stress are offered in the scenario-based training.  Learners are also given a framework for managing and prioritizing tasks to help minimize "stress-causing" situations.  Job aids like the "Project Startup...

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Managerial Communications

On completion of this course, the user will be able to demonstrate written and oral communication skills that are needed as a leader in a health department by:  identifying communication skills, listing effective presentation skills, and distinguishing different writing techniques.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Module 1:  Effective Interpersonal Communication - Distinguish the fundamental elements of message, explain the message model,...
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Basic Customer Service Skills: The Heart of Communications

This course covers the basics behind effective communications.  The "Total Package" of communication helps participants understand the components of communication.  The communication process, the importance of listening, and barriers to effective communications are also discussed.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the communication process
  • Discuss the importance of listening
  • Explain the...
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Social Marketing and Public Health: Effective Campaigns and How They Work

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

This presentation provides an overview of the theories behind social marketing, social marketing strategies, how it works, and examples of effective campaigns

Intended Audience:

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand social marketing.
  • Social marketing theories and strategies.
  • Principals and evidence of effectiveness.


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